January 19, 2010

Its a MJ Thing ~

  • Making my heart melt to “Human Nature” or '’Butterflies”

  • Sings like an angel and moves like a gazelle

  • Inspiring other artists to contribute to the L.O.V.E. by singing Jackson 5 songs, or your solo work in your honor

  • Rocking the gold pants like nobody’s business

  • Giving the music industry the BLUEPRINT of how to handle business

  • Putting prayers into his lyrics

  • Wearing your favorite worn black loafers whether your relaxing around the house or performing in front of thousands of fans

  • Touches the soul of millions

  • Uniting people of all races, cultures, and nationalities to help ~heal the world~

  • People crying an ocean with their tears after his passing


doublebeee said...

Very uplifting. Everthing is sooo true! Thanks for always making my Monday! x

mike1909 said...

very true - like from my heart
thank you
this has become my favorite day = monday :)

Cassarah said...

ItsaAngelaroundusThing to make Monday the favorite day in the week.
Thank you!:-)

Ebony said...

very nice!! =)

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