January 30, 2010

In Honor of Michael: Grammy Weekend

No words needed.

Courtesy of a wonderful woman who is at the Grammys as we speak. Thanks Y!!!


doublebeee said...

WOW!!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing!!! Causes strong emotions... L.O.V.E.!

DesertRose said...
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DesertRose said...

You're right..."No words needed".

Thanks for dreaming Michael...and joining all those in the ranks of history that demonstrated through their lives that "Dreams can become a reality."

§į® ςţΰ said...

Hmmm This is cool but wasn't it "The Police" who sung 'Every Breath You Take' for Song of the Year not Sting-Solo?

doublebeee said...

@ §į® ςţΰ Yes, "The Police" sung the song but he was credited as songwriter as indicated below. At the Grammys: "Song of the year" goes to the songwriters!

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