January 31, 2010

L.O.V.E. in action

In the place I live, there is a fan club that I’m proud to be a member of. It is the Michael Jackson Hong Kong Fan Club (MJHKFC). For many years, people there have been sharing their love for MJ and selflessly promoting MJ’s messages in different ways. With MJ’s passing, the club had a large growth of member population, and therefore the club has been able to organize activities in a larger scale and raise awareness.

Today, we went on to the street and helped promoting the newly released “This Is It” DVDs and Blu-rays. People of different ages united together, dressed up like Michael, and showed the crowd the dances they have been practicing for the event. Other helpers gave away balloons and posters to the passing-bys. After a performance at one spot, they moved to another area and performed again, followed by yet a third performance elsewhere. The idea was to get more people pay attention to Michael, especially through the movie, because there we learn the most important messages he ever wanted to deliver to us.

Bravo MJHKFC! You guys are awesome!!

Watch a video clip of their performance!

Michael Jackson Hong Kong Fan Club


doublebeee said...

AMAZING!!!!!! Great job Hong Kong!!! I love to see and hear about global MJ L.O.V.E.!!!! The balloons are lovely!

Thank you sooo much @ichliebemjj!!!! Truely awesome... Can't stop smiling about it!

"Ich liebe MJJ" <- YES!!!!!

Cassarah said...

Global MJ LOVE - Truely amazing! Thank you very, very much for sharing the event here with us.
Sending out my LOVE especially to all the friends in HK.

angelaroundus said...

Wonderful. Thanks for sharing this Ich liebe MJJ. Wish I were there to experience this.. amazing. L.O.V.E. for sure.

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