January 27, 2010

"Music is only love looking for words"- Lawernce Dunnell

You had the voice that kept me in awe,

You danced with such magic and poise, the best I ever saw.

You were the chosen one, sending the gift of L.O.V.E.,

No doubt in my mind, you were blessed by Our Father above.

Words are hard to find, to express my gratitude-

Thank you for the message in your music Michael...I love you.


DesertRose said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Lots of love.

mike1909 said...

fully agree - you had voiced my feelings too :)
thank you

doublebeee said...

I agree as well. Thank you sweetheart. Very touching!

sohappi said...

Thanks, loves! =)

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