January 23, 2010

Children's Day: January 22

We are all haunted by the images of the injured, suffering children and those who died in the earthquake in Haiti last week. As an earlier post reminded us, children in China suffered the same fate in 2008 when a deadly earthquake hit one of its provinces. These major events, where thousands of children's lives abruptly end, remind us of how precious they are. Their loss is too much to bear.

Here are just a few words to remind us to be hopeful, mindful, grateful and inspired by the children who are still with us, in the physical. The children who have passed on are still with us in spirit.

Enjoy the child in all of us. Love them with all of your might. As Michael Jackson reminds us, let them teach us and inspire us everyday.


mike1909 said...

thank you

Cassarah said...

Thank you for let us enjoy a day through a child´s eyes. This childlike perspective on the world around us would add so much to our lifes for lifetime....

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