January 24, 2010

Letter to Michael

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dearest Michael,

I'm thinking of you, how sweet you look in the This Is It rehearsals. You're so animated, dynamic, delicate, fierce, pure, commanding, shy, dazzling, humble, flawless, beautiful, unpretentious, agile, soft, quick, gentle. You are the dance, you are the music, you are the message.

When I see you singing Earth Song in the cherry-picker ~ forests burning behind you, wars waging, Earth crying ~ I see in that moment the culmination of all your work, and I feel I've seen onstage the complete fulfillment of your prophetic calling. Could that last night be the crescendo, when your work here was finally finished in God's eyes?

Soon after your death I learned, from fans who'd seen you return home, that the clothes you wore during that rehearsal were those you wore the night before you died. Had we witnessed the very night your mission here was complete?

Selfishly, we wanted you to stay ... the world needs you. But you were taken from us. With your passing we sense an elegant and vast energy has been sucked out of Earth's atmosphere. It feels colder, darker, harsher now. Yet we have to live in this void you've left behind and then begin to refill it.

I pray you speak to God on our behalf. Help us know the truth yet be strengthened to go on and complete our mission, keep your legacy alive and pure, and do our part to make this a better place.

God bless you forever ...


doublebeee said...

WOW!!! Amazing... chills all over! Who is "editor"?

I totally agree on every word you're saying. It feels darker, colder, etc. in a way but on the other hand it's on US to fill the gap. And we are millions around the world that can help...

He taught us all we need to know. We just have to listen and ACT!

Make That Change!!!

sohappi said...

This is an amazing letter!! I would like to know wrote this too!!

Cassarah said...

Thank you for this very beautiful letter.

mike1909 said...

This is wonderful writing
I have no words so i'll use Michael's :
In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow
I'll Never Let You Part
For You're Always In My Heart.

thank you for writing this

ichliebemjj said...

this is so beautiful!! thank you so much!!

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