May 3, 2010

Jody Watley Thrills ~ MJ Tribute Pt. 1

Photo source: Jody Watley: On Music,Pop Culture, Life

Its been 10 months and we still yearn for Michael Jackson.

This reverence for him has a hold on die-hard fans, no matter their stature. Take Grammy-Award Winning icon, global style trendsetter Jody Watley, known for hits such as "Looking for a New Love," and "Still a Thrill. " In 1988, Jody Watley won the best new artist Grammy (Watley was no novice to the industy, but had begun her solo career at this point, after being a part of the R&B Trio Shalamar).

Click read what she wrote the day after Michael's passing on her blog "On Music, Pop Culture, Life." One of the recollections that she offers is when Michael warmly congratulated her on the Grammy win, and that this special encounter with him, nearly overshadowed this major accomplishment in her career.

During live performances at Billboard Live in Japan two weeks ago, Ms. Watley celebrated her love of Michael Jackson with her audience, treating them to her free-style dancing to one of her funkiest hits, "Still a Thrill." A young fan joined her on stage, displaying her amazing free-style dancing, including poppin' and lockin', of which Michael was so instrumental in bringing to the masses.

So, without any further spoilers, check out the next post, "Jody Watley Thrills~ MJ Tribute Pt. 2. " Watley performs her classic hit, " Still a Thrill" in this video. This phrase certainly applies to Watley, and will to Michael, forever.


doublebeee said...

Thank you for this post about one great lady. Her debut solo album "Jody Watley" was on high rotation on my walkman same time with my "Off The Wall / Thriller" tape! So without knowing her love for MJ, they were always connected in my life...

When I read Jody's blog post "Remember The Time" for the first time I cried into blindess because it felt as if she took the words right out of my soul...

Thank you. Jody, always a thrill. Michael, our eternal Thriller.

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