May 24, 2010

Poet's Notion - Tribute to Michael Jackson

This beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Michael was written and sung by lovely MJ Fam member Carina Lanes. Michael Jackson is one of her biggest role-models.

The song "Poet's Notion" was written right after his passing when she went to Los Angeles to pay her last respects to him in July 2009. "He left us something that we can continue and with this in mind I want keep doing what I do."


A Poet's Notion

It was june
and the night was quiet
i will always remember
I smelled the rain
when the news
almost made me surrender
I looked up
for the sign of a lie
praying for a wonder
I'm caught alive
in a blaze
craving for a blunder

It's a poet's notion
to fall away too soon
I fall away with you
I'll make it a better place
like you told me to
even if I fall away too

Is it too late?
am I overcome
by a rational fate?
How can turn back time
or buy eternity?
cos you're the one we need

It's a poet's notion
to fall away too soon
We fall away with you
We'll make it a better place
like you told us to
even if we fall away too
even if we fall away too

written by Carina Lanes MySpace
arranged and produced by Muca MySpace


Carina Lanes said...

Thanx Bettina! You're lovely

mike1909 said...

beautiful - thank you very much @doublebeee for posting
and of course thank you very much to the artists

diva15_girl_angel24 said...

WOWWW ! this poem is so beautiful !!

Brady Davies said...

That's beautiful I respect that very much I'm almost in tears very wonderful
from:"@_TE_AMO_EMOZ_ <---from twitter

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