May 8, 2010

Focussing on Michael

No comment.... but I can definitely relate to Kitty Cat!


Anonymous said...

oh--i also relate to that cat---always been one of my fave photos! i just love the way she's trying to get a closer look--too adorable! :) --yogadancer7

mike1909 said...

:) kinda reminds me of someone :)

princessMj1 said...

Awwwww cute♥!

doublebeee said...

Reminds me of someone too... aaahem... and a song is coming to my mind: "Hypnotize" by D'Influence.

"Boy, you must have hypnotized me..."

Oh well Michael, that much is true!

"She likes the way I stare..." seems not only be Human Nature but Cat Nature too!

MJacksonwords said...

That cat know who has the best quality :)

ichliebemjj said...

AW!!! This is simply soooooo lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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