May 16, 2010

     Happy Birthday, Janet Jackson


My first crush was Barry Manilow. 
He performed on TV and I taped it. 
 When no was around I'd kiss the screen. ~Janet Jackson

This has turned out to be a very  seminal crush, bringing lots of good music to the world....and for decades there are several boys who kiss the screen when "Miss Rhythm Nation" is on...


Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 emerged the best-selling album of 1990 and made history as the first album to generate seven top-five Billboard hits.
The commercial success of  Janet Jackson's album became part of an important turning point for black women in the recording industry. 

After being known for many years simply as "Michael´s little sister" she graduated stronger. For her fans she is the one and onle queen of dance pop.
Not just because of the dedication of Rhythm Nation to  social and political themes this will always be for me one my favorite albums. 

Happy Birthday, Janet Jackson. 
Thank you for the music. 

LOVE and God bless.


mike1909 said...

For anybody else being part of probably the most famous family in the world, and Michael Jackson's sister would be a huge deal.
Talking about Janet Jackson that's just the start in describing who she is and her impact on the world.
Her music, her message, her life shows are nothing short of amazing.
She is a symbol of strength, determination, elegance - an incredible person who always used her position to raise awareness for different causes.
She faced hardship, hypocrisy, malice and discrimination and broke them with an smile as big as her soul.
Her entire career has been a message of love.

Thank you Miss Janet!
Happy Birthday !!!!!

doublebeee said...

Happy Birthday Janet (Miss Jackson, if you're nasty!)!!!

I have confession to make: When Janet first appeared on the spot of my attention (it must have been the "Control" album, "Nasty" single) in the 80s, I didn't even know or realize that she was Michael's little sister! Unbelievable from today's point of view, I know but it proves to me how much she has made her very own way in the music industry!

Ever since I am a fan of her and the more I explored her achievements the more I loved her and I can say idolized her in a positive way as a strong woman who has kept true to her believes and values. And not to forget her most important present to us, her music!

"The Velvet Rope" is probably on of my top albums ever, so a big thank you for making me a proud member of your "Rhythm Nation"! And never will I forget watching "Poetic Justice" for the first time, including two of my very own idols: Janet (as Justice!!!) and Tupac (as Lucky!)...

I hope "Dunk" is surrounded by her loved ones today and I hope that despite of her heavy heart she can enjoy the love from all over the world. She truely deserves it!

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