May 1, 2010

I love you Michael, just because of who you are.

I don't know how to start with this post because there is so much I want to say about this and yet I can't find the write words to put it all together. I will try to do it as best as I can, and I hope that after you have read this article to be able to be a little more open minded and don't get so stressful with this kind of things because they are always going to exist, so it's up to us, to decide wether or not are we going to follow this media circus or go into another way. After have said this I will start my post.
Yesterday I saw a lot of very angry tweets from a lot of Michael's fans, probably most of them. All the tweets were just for one person to @AliciaJacobs. I have to say that I don't know who this woman is, I have never heard of her before in my life and I get a little bit curious so I asked to @sohappi what was the problem, because I was seeing all the fans very angry with this woman, so @sohappi told me that this woman was saying that Michael was gay and she was preparing a Tv special with his supposed lover a guy named Jason Pfeiffer, who works as a CEO at Dr. Arnold Klein's office. Everybody was so angry so I decided that I will not get ungry until I have took the time to think about this and have read all the facts, including what this woman was saying. After a lot of thinking and reflections I get to one conclussion.
Honestly I don't care if Michael was gay or not, because I don't love him because of his sexuality, I love him because of all the things he did for all of us, for the world, and the children. I love him for all the lessons he taught us. I love him for all the beatiful music he created and all those amazing dance moves. I love Michael because through his songs he made me believe that I was the woman who he was singing to, and in fact I was, like all of us. I love him because for him the people in need was first, because he really had strong beliefs, because when I was ten years old he was my role model, I know that I wanted to be like him or at least the half of how he is. But most of all I love him for the beautiful human being he was and still is, because his essence is still alive. So, my question is: Who cares if he was gay or not ?. My love don't change, it remains the same. So I refused to spent all my energies getting ungry because of what a woman was saying, I preffer to concentrate all my energies on Michael´s message, and on try to heliang the world and help the people in need.
I'm going to finish this article saying that I don't have doubts wether if Michael was homosexual or not, but in the case of he was and all the things that this man says are true, I feel happy that he have found the love on someone, I don't care if it was a man or a woman, because for me everybody has the right to choose who love, so I'm just happy because he found love.


doublebeee said...

Yes, @Gimevacarezza you are right. We love him more because of the person he is...

But I have to say it is sickening me to a high extend that people he trusted with and let in his and his children's life are betraying him as badly to cash on him while he can't defend himself anymore. Adding more hurt to his three orphaned children and his family in grief that have to deal with an unsolved murder still. May only God be the judge for those people.

The reason he avoided to deny openly being homosexual (although he always did when asked) is that he didn't want anyone to feel bad about it. He loved us no matter what and found it not important what ever the preferences of people may be... Therefore we love him more. More every day even though he's reached the highest scale for us anyway a long time ago.

Let's focus on the love and don't give those people to much exposure, because that is what they rely on.

Michael we love you for every fiber of your being. Noone deserves lesser of how you were and are being treated. But be sure, you touched the heart of millions of people that can see the essence. No one can touch this!

"Respect's not given, it's earned." (Privacy). So is the L.O.V.E.!

We love you unconditionally and forever and include your loved ones in our prayers! x

mike1909 said...

I very much agree. With both of you
What is sick is that those people have no respect for Michael, his family, his friends, his fans or the general public.
Come to think of what he had to go in his lifetime is making me mad. And now ...
I don't get it - i know is about money and all but i just don't get it.

The problem is not that those people are saying he was gay but that they are trying to take advantage of his fame and that they are doing that without shame and no consideration for Michael, disrespecting him and trying to stain his memory, and for his loved ones.

But you are right gime - lets focus on the L.O.V.E.

LOVE is the ONE important thing.

DetJackson said...

sorry I'll write to you in Portuguese to express the better I feel ... please translate..
Meu nome verdadeiro é Bernadette mais como prova de meu amor a MJ sou DetJackson.
Não me importo com a sexualidade de MJ,eu o amo e o respeito como ser humano...mais acredito que isto seja mais uma conspiração contra MJ onde nós seus fãs verdadeiro tem que ser fortes e demostrar nosso amor e lutar pelo seu legado e fazer com que o espirito de MJ descansse em paz e seja respeitado.
Como prova do que digo ségui a baixo meus link que tenho em homenagem a MJ.

Cassarah said...

DetJackson´s comment in English:
My real name is Bernadette - as and proof of love for MJ i use DetJackson
I don't care about MJ's sexuality, i love him for who he is as a human being ... and i believe this is a conspiration against MJ and us true fans should keep strong, prove our LOVE and fight for his legacy and allow MJ's spirit to rest in peace and that he gets the respect he deserves.
As a proof to my words please follow the link bellow where you'll find my tribute to MJ.
(Thanks to Mike1909 for the translation.)

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