May 9, 2010

We've got more problems than we'll ever need

The headlines here today were all about a tragic event yesterday, when a man who had psychiatric problems decided to use a long chopper to hurt everyone he saw in his neighborhood. He killed an old lady, and a young man who was going to get married soon, and seriously injured a few others who haven't got out of critical condition yet.

Yesterday we bid farewell to Mr. Wong Fuk-Wing in his funeral. Mr. Wong was a volunteer from Hong Kong. He was working for the children in Yushu county in Qinghai when the horrible earthquake on 16th Apr happened, one that ultimately killed over 2000 people. At that moment, Mr. Wong escaped from the collapsing orphanage successfully, but he decided to go back into the orphanage and rescued 3 children and 1 teacher who were trapped. After pulling the 4 out, he went back again trying to help another trapped teacher, and there came the aftershock quake again which was so strong that the building collapsed further and took Mr. Wong's life.

At the same time, huge charity shows raising money to help victims of earthquakes are happening rather frequently now. We know there have always been earthquakes every day somewhere on the planet, but those to the magnitude that kills and their frequency of happening has gained our notice. Just in the first 4 months of this year, we had Haiti, Chile and Qinghai as the major foci here. And then there was this drought over numerous areas in mainland a couple of months ago, threatening lives and the whole country's production lines.

While US mourned for the mine workers who died in an accident in early April, people here are not as much shocked. Look at the statistics of coal mine disasters in China. We are almost desensitized by the scale and frequency of explosions and accidents. The consumption of coal fuel is essentially stained with human blood. And we, people living in a relatively more developed place, remain ignorant to the sacrifice in the process, or turn a blind eye and pretend it doesn't happen, or say, "oh my god" and life goes on.

Just a day or two ago i was horrified by just the title of a youtube video being shared on facebook, about a dog set on fire alive and the process taped. i couldn't bare this idea at all and never attempt to watch it or look for the details. And i was appalled realizing that such video clip is freely accessible for all internet users of all age rather than banned, not to mention real action to investigate into the matter.

In another email i received yesterday, PETA is telling us some restaurants in NY is cooking oceanic creatures alive, or torture them by chopping them bits by bits alive. In their own words: "positioning lobsters so that they can watch themselves being eaten". They shared a video link that i opened, and couldn't stop crying over that. Such practice is so common over Asia and i've never been alien to that. Whenever i see such videos, i feel ashamed of mankind. How can we laugh as we are killing with torture? Predators in the wild do their killing fast and clean, and they don't waste. We homo sapiens claiming ourselves to be the most intelligent creatures among all life forms, torture our fellow villagers of planet earth in order to satisfy our tastebuds for a few seconds.

And we have this word "humane" named after "human".

I have been writing as thoughts flow in my mind. If there is anything i really want to say in this piece of scattered thoughts, it is that i wanted so much to wish every one, especially mothers, a happy mothers' day, but the fact is i don't feel cheerful enough to say that heartily...

So many lives died out of so many different reasons every day. But do we give it a damn? How much do we care about our planet, our people, our neighbourhood, animals that share the earth with us, and life as a whole?

What Has Come Of All The People
Have We Lost Love Of What It's About

What have we done to the world
Look what we've done


Cassarah said...

Thank you for the news update - I hadn´t heard about that tragic event. Life is so precious ...and short, and I will never be able to relate how someone has no very high esteem for life.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about mankind seeming to completely lose humanity by laughing while killing animals with torture.
I fully agree with you that we have become desensitized and sometimes blind - not seeing or not realising what is going on around us.
Since our eyes are always blind for what is really important, we have to watch things with our heart.

Thank you for always watching anything with your heart.Thank you for sharing with us, what you see with your heart.
It´s the only way to make a change...

doublebeee said...

My dearest sister... every aspect of your story is bringing tears to my eyes and they won't stop to fall. For all the reasons you mentioned and because of the fact I feel my own emotions reflected in your thoughts!!!

My entire life those things shattered me and often have I experienced weird reactions by others on my thoughts which has led to the fact I kept them for myself a lot of times but this making it even harder.

One of the main effect Michael had on me in that respect was not only he obviously shared our emotions about those kind of facts but never ever stopped to speak up against them. Making people aware that it's NOT ok, not even close to acceptable! He made me stronger and confident to follow his example whereever neccessary.

As much as they were ridiculing him for this, it didn't stop him.

The day I saw Michael closest ever to myself was the day he rehearsed "Earth Song" for the Brit Awards in London and the day he was disrespectfully embarrassed during the live show by Jarvis C. for it. No need to say how much I am still outraged about this! Even more I loved Michael for keeping the message of one of his "key" songs alive!

Look what we've done!!!

Love you sisters, let's not stop to stand up and MAKE THAT CHANGE!!! It's not the easy way but the only possible way... xx

mike1909 said...

... some time ago i read about this so called paradox ... i'm sorry i don't remember the author and i mean no disrespect by reproducing it without mentioning their name ...
it went like this ...

"If it was possible to build a system that would offer peace, prosperity and happiness to all beings on Earth, but at the basis of this system, a being - thought to be the smallest, most insignificant - would have to suffer, would you want to be the architect of such a construction?"

We disregard life, we disregard our environment and we disregard ourselves...

"Always, be not always
And if always
Bow our heads in shame
Always, please be not always
And if always
Bow our heads in blame
’Cause time has made promises
Just promises

Faces, did you see their faces
Did they touch you
Have you felt such pain
To have nothing
To dream something
Then lose hoping
Is not life but lame
But time has made promises
Just promises

Mothers cry, babies die
Helplessly in arms
While rockets fly
And research lies
In progress to become
But what of men
Of flesh and blood
We turn our backs on life
How can we claim to stand for peace
When the races are in strife
Destroying life

Always, be not always
But if always
Bow our heads in shame
Always, please, please be not always
’Cause if always
Bow our heads in blame
’Cause time, time has made promises
Death promises"

Be Not Always - The Jacksons

doublebeee said...

I consider "Be Not Always" the saddest song ever! The way he sings it...

"Now I don't know where we are, although I know, we drifted far..."

I'm trying not to go down in despair but make a change, a difference, every day.

May the forces be with us on that journey!

mike1909 said...

yes - i think so too
he put so much into that song
to me is the definition of ache

California MJ Fan said...

Wow. Thank you for sharing stories that so many sweep under the carpet. These are the things that each of us must focus on to help MAKE THAT CHANGE.

As sad as the stories are, again, thank you. We must open our eyes to the world around us.

Much L.O.V.E.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what MJ always talked about. Taking care of each other, loving each other and our animals too. Your comments bring home the fact that we are still not doing enough. Too many of us are just too cruel to each other. I would love to see the world as MJ envisioned it, how wonderful would that be!!!

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