May 25, 2010

May 25th, International Missing Children's Day

The disappearance of 6 year old Etan Patz, on his way to school in New York, 1979 was the event that led to this day of raising awareness for missing children around the world - the ones who have found their way home, the ones who have been victims of a crime and the ones who are still missing.

Nine countries around the world (Australia, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Nederlands, Romania, South Africa and United Kingdom - member countries in  the Global Missing Children’s Network) have joined in to pledge support and strengthen the efforts to bring missing children home to their loved ones and actions are supported by the European Union.

Whether the children are running away and end up loosing their way and are not able to get back home, whether they are victims of a crime, including parental/family abduction, action must be taken by all of us to ensure they are returned to safety. All of us - authorities, NGO's and us as individuals.

Please join us in prayer for all the missing children 
- may they find their way home - 
and their loved ones.

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Gime Vacarezza. said...

I've been reading all the articles I missed because of the exams I was studying for, and I'm out of words. I can't explain how much I love every article. I find that every article is written with all the love a person can show, and I really appreciate that you ladies take the time to share all this wonderful stories with us.
thank you because you make me feel that I'm not alone suffering because of Michael's passing, you help me to manage my pain and turn it into love and fight against those who need it.
Love you ladies.

Cassarah said...

Thank you for this entry, mike1909.
From my point of view no parent can think of anything worse than loosing her/his child.

With the death of a parent we loose parts of our past, with a partner we loose parts of our presence, but with a child we loose our future.

My LOVE and prayers go out to any parent missing a child and to those who are living in fear to loose a child. May God give you some comfort.

mike1909 said...

thank you Gime for your words
being part of the team is something i'm proud of
and brings me so much joy

and thank you Cassarah for the comment
i hope the international community will do more and work better together to help children and their families

MJacksonwords said...

Thank you for sharing this post...

I remember the "Runaway Train" song from Soul Asylum, they said the video was succeed in reuniting many of the missing children, and probably if one 'international' band could do the same thing again, many of them would be found.. thank you, mike1909

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