May 13, 2010

Remake of "Earth Song" to honor the King of Pop

"A group of young Hollywood artists came together to recreate MJ's Earth Song and there is no denying... the Magic was in the studio. 50/50 music group's Dani Wright was inspired by MJ and found it necessary to bring her talented friends together to honor and pay tribute to the King of Pop with this 2010 video remake of "Earth Song". Not only is this a tribute to the King, but it is a call to action, and a recognition of the times we are living in. Don't simply watch this video,share it with your friends, family, and the world to help renew and live out the legacy created by the world's greatest entertainer, Michael Jackson.

Long Live the King."~Dani Wright

We are glad being able to share one more wonderful tribute to MJ  on our blog.
Thank you so much  Dani and all the contributing vocalists of the 50/50 Music Group. You are doing a great job.

Michael would love it......... 


mike1909 said...

this is so wonderful
thank you @cassarah
love it

doublebeee said...

I love it. Thank you for spreading this great MJ vibe. This song is so important and has such a powerful message!

We need to listen... Thank you Cassarah for posting this!

Kiki_MJFan4Life said...

i admit i'm always worried about "remakes" if you all know what I mean here but this is awesome!!!! great job they did and I think MJ would be pleased and i'm so so glad to see them doing MJ's Earth Song such an important message in that song, it made me a good way :) great job to them! thanks Cass for posting!

Anonymous said...

oh---so beautiful! thank u for posting.... :) yogadancer7

Cassarah said...

...´cause ´s one LOVE, ´s one people, s´one earth.

I´ve been watching and listening to the video time and time again (what usually isn´t my style) - but this remake is a thrill in many regards. Anyone out there who is able to see and hear it without tears in the eyes? Anyone able to see it and not feeling heartbroken?

At the same time this very beautiful remake with so many talented musicians gives us hope. There ARE people out there all over the world who have gotten the message and who do care. There Are people out who FEEL the same.

Same LOVE, same trust, same anguishes, wishing to make a change...
I am missing the words to express how much I love this remake, just can repeat:
Michael would so love it .... and will look down from heaven with a big, big smile.

Thank you so much 50/50 group and Dany Wright for your loving tribute.

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