March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Diana Ross and Teddy Pendergrass!

Today we celebrate the birthday of two amazing musicians: Diana Ross and Teddy Pendergrass (RIP)!

We all know Michael loved Diana Ross very much and she played a very important role in his life in many aspects.

The ultimate sign of his love for her was the fact that as per his will Diana Ross should raise his beloved children in case his mother is not able to anymore.

Let's remember some happy moments Michael shared with the amazing Diana Ross:

Today would also be the 60th birthday of Mr. Teddy Pendergrass who left the stage not too long ago... His life was truely amazing and very troubled.

The most touching moment for me was when Teddy returned to the stage in a wheel chair after his tragic accident in 1985 for the "LIVE AID" event. He performed "Reach Out & Touch" with Ashford and Simpson. A song and event that is more than "Michaelish" as we say.... RIP Teddy, we miss you! Thank you for your music!


DesertRose said...

Happy Birthday to 2 great legends! Thank you for this wonderful article and the great compilation of videos. :-)

Love,Peace,and Joy always and forever.

Cassarah said...

You are indeed a source of unlimitted informations and inspiration.
Thank you for bringing this all up and sharing here with us.

angelzaroundus said...

Teddy P.. Wake Up Everybody.. from Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, we need that message.

Diana,a regal part of our musical heritage. And, she is the reason for the boyish charms and smiles of Michael in these videos, that I can't stop watching.

Thank you for posting!

Anonymous said...

diana happy birthday le patron


So influenced by the music of Diana Ross, that when Lee Arboreen & Robb Brawn recodred their own CD, Diana was given a special thanks in the liner notes for her musical inspiration. They also included the names, Diana, Flo, and Mary (that would be Florence Ballard and Mary WIlson, Diana's former singing partners from The Supremes) in one of their songs. Now, Robb & Lee review Diana's concert in Atlantic City on their blog at WWW.MYGREYGARDENS.COM

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