March 21, 2010

MJ is...

Though Twitter seems to have blocked MJ-related hashtags, fans do not give up to try to make him a trending topic. Today fans were successful in creating  #MJis and making it a trending topic worldwide.

~ MJ is
  • a shining example.
  • the best entertainer ever.
  • like a mirror - you choose what you see. And when u speak of MJ you are revealing what's inside your soul. 
  • only human. But he made being human pretty damn epic. 
  • completely UNDERESTIMATED! 
  • to Austin Brown uncle Doo Doo and his hero the greatest.
  • the reason we can never log off from Twitter.
  • one of the few celebrities that didnt let fame make him arrogant or selfish.
  • why dance school was so intense. 
  • what inspires me to be better and do better.
  • one of the main reason why i've stayed a vegeteria.
  • someone who deserved least what was done to him. 
  • our modern-day prophet .
  • going to care about the heavens just like he cared about the earth.
  •  ... and the rest can only try to be.


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