March 16, 2010

You Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone... SONY!

Music Company Signs $250 Million Album Deal With Jackson Estate

Read more on Wall Street Journal today:

Sony Places Big Bet on a Fallen 'King'

All I can say is that Janet's song lyrics come to my mind reading this...

Do you all remember his fight for getting his stuff promoted? INVINCIBLE was actually dropped from being promoted at all after one single:

Please also re-read Christopher Hamilton's great article from January of 2006 in that respect:

"Is It Because He's Black? What They Don't Want to know about Michael Jackson"


Cassarah said...

That you, sister.
And on a lighter note:
You really are a roving reporter.

doublebeee said...

Thank you sis! :-) Keep it up for Michael!

Cassarah said...

Sorry for my bad spelling! The first word in my comment should not be "That" but THANK.

mike1909 said...

Thank you doublebeee.
People need to be reminded of the way Michael was treated.
Not only the Invincible album was not promoted but it was buried even though at the time he had really good sales in the USA as well as all around the world - the album went to number one in Billboard 200 and he had the very successful 30 years on stage anniversary celebration.
Sony failed Michael even from the Thriller days.
They never go his vision never looked for anything but the cash

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