March 23, 2010

They do care about Michael !.

Today I was reading TMZ and saw a headline that really got my attention, It said ''Michael Jackson flash mob Hollywood They don't care about us'', so I pressed click and the video started to run. As I watched it, I started to feel goosebumps, emotion and in time the tears started to come. At the same time I was crying, I was smiling and singing, I could feel the energy, emotion and time these people put to the dance, to learn the choreography, the will and the courage they had to participate in something like this, it's not easy to do a choreography that Michael did, is not impossible but is a little scary. We're talking about doing a choreography that the best dancer in the world invented, every step was calculated with a precision that no one could imagine, every step matched perfectly with the rhythm, and with the next step. I really admire the courage they had to dare to dance and practice a Michael's choreography. But the thing that really got me was the heart they put to that dance. They were dancing with their hearts. Showing Michael how much he inspires them in so many ways. They showed that through that dance they made in the middle of a local mall in Hollywood. I felt that through that dance they showed Michael how much they care about him and I'm sure that from up above He was smiling, watching them dancing and with and the L.O.V.E he has, he was correcting some steps and moves because you know, that's Michael, he's a perfectionist, he can't help it. But What I'm sure the most is that Michael felt very proud and honored to have fans like those people and like all the people that take the challenge to make choreographies like this one around the world and succeed, like they did.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.


doublebeee said...

This is beautiful and powerful. And I experienced the same effect as you watching this.

Thank you for posting!

And keep CAREing about Michael. L.O.V.E.!

Felicia said...

it was success made me cried.... we can feel their emotion and love.

We love you Michael :D

DesertRose said...

I loved the clip when you showed me last night (in the wee early morning hours) hahaha...and love it now.

We must always continue to seek truth. Michael has truly inspired many, and I hope that he knows that :-)

Love,Peace and Joy always and forever.

angelzaroundus said...

Very powerful, thanks for sharing this!

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