March 25, 2010

Michael Jackson: The Way He Made Us Feel

I usually write Michael Jackson in His Own Words but again the day of my blog post has fallen on the 25th. Sadly, it's now been 9 months since we lost Michael, last month I posted a blog with quotes and thoughts from celebs and then a couple random fans that I found in a book this month I want the MJ Fam's opinion. We all loved Michael & so I decided to post some thoughts, quotes whatever it is that you all wanted to say about him. I also wanted to say that though i'm posting this right now there is no "deadline" if you haven't DMed me already with what you think go ahead and feel free to, I will add them as I get them :)

Michael is the spirit of my childhood, the endless dream that I'm still dreaming of today. I still have a child's heart and I still believe that we can change the world. If it wasn't for his life and inspiration I would be a totally different person. The magic he created in our hearts will last forever. I miss him. - from @ladydukka

''Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight, here one day, gone one night. Gone to soon." -from @Gimevacarezza

Words fail me when I try to explain what MJ means to me. He's everything & I feel his spirit everywhere I go. I look at the sky & I stare there thinking & telling him how I feel asking him what should I do & though it sounds crazy, I always get my answer & If don't want to talk I just stay there listening to his music & I still feel him I know that his spirit is with me & with all of us. Like he says in a song 'though we're far apart, you're always in my heart' That's what we've to do, look for him in our hearts & he'll show. I miss him so much & I love him more, always --from @Gimevacarezza

what MJ means to me - My first concert so my love of music, wonderful memory with my grandmother watching Motown25, Billy Jean....The day he died..was my daughters first dance dance class.. She has not stop dancing and singing to MJ music -From @angelzaroundus

Michael is my inspiration to be a better person and parent. He wasnt perfect but he was so close. He was definately chosen by God for LOVE.-from @bekerbee

Comments on MJ: Happy go Lucky. King of our Hearts. Real life Peter Pan. Child @ Heart. Lived life 2 the full. -from @emarwood

These memories that have made me who I am Can slowly play back over and over again
You showed me who I can be As these birds in the day begin to sing...There won't be no tears shed here today Because I know your in a better place.....All the truths and lies can fly Oh the memories shall be what I am You told me once, I'm a kid again-From a Poem that @00k00 said made her think of Michael (I agree it does so much!)

I think MJ was an awesome entertainer. I grew up on his music. He is very missed in my household. I pray for peace for his family every day.-From @GrimmyluvsMJJ

He made me realize life is short & sacred. If you want to accomplish something...He taught me life is short & sacred. I applied to law schoolthis fall b/c of it in case I die tomorrow I at least I tried to apply.-from @Marielcita

MJ represented goodness purity hope and love in a world filled with so much hate immorality and dispair
...Since MJ was taken I feel LOST & ALONE even among a room filled with loved ones and friends, i know its crazy be its how i feel. -From @scb81271


doublebeee said...

Great project. Thank you to everyone that participated...

9 months of missing you Michael! Infinite love doesn't count the time I guess.


angelzaroundus said...

Thank you Kiki for compiling this, and MJFAM for the loving, heartfelt reflections!

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