March 29, 2010


No change, no fair social system, no new political system or equality can be achieved by violence. Anything built on that will bare the scars forever.

Today's attacks on Moscow metro is just the latest in an endless lines of random violence. Ten's of people have lost their life, ten's more are injured, families have been devastated, dreams and hopes have been shattered.

... we should be healing instead of wounding further more.

Our prayers are with the people of Russia. 


Cassarah said... endless line of violence and there has never been a time on earth without any war.

Nevertheless I do not believe that this violence is part of the "human nature";
I am not willing to give up my dream that one day mankind has finally learned the lesson and knows that there is one one chance to overcome by


doublebeee said...

My prayers are with them. Thank you for posting!

Sending all of Michael's love to the beautiful people of Moscow...

DesertRose said...

May our love and prayers be with the people of Moscow;especially with the victims and their families. You are right when saying that nothing gets solved in violence. Only with peace. Never, "eye for an eye".

Love, Peace, and Joy always and forever.

Gime Vacarezza. said...

My prayers are with the people of Russia and the victim's families. I can't believe how people can have so much hate and so much violence inside them. I hope that one day people be able to realize that you get nothing from violence and hate but a lot with love and peace. Hope is the last thing to lost but there are times when I question myself to keep hoping or accept that people will never stop the violence and the hate. I hope they will someday soon, because we can't still living in a world fill with this kind of violence and hate.

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